Creative solutions by a colourful mind

Costa Creative co is a curated portfolio of life-centric, design solutions for a constantly changing world. Costa specializes in providing simple, useful and beautiful design for functional solutions that improve products, businesses, and services. 

Through working with a network of diverse skills and trusted partners and friends, Costa has helped many unique brands and passions flourish.



Content is everything. Costa gets the reaction you’re looking for with content that makes you feel, and your thumbs stop scrolling. 


Interface & Experience Design

Costa builds UI/UX and Web Design with efficiency, and in well-crafted partnerships with development to challenge the industry norms. 


Branding & Creative Direction

Good design is more than how it looks, it is what makes people act. Costa takes products and brands from good to great, with thoughtful and strategic design choices.


Hi, I'm Rachel, welcome to my happy place!

Thank you for being here and open to learning more about myself and to view Costa’s curated portfolio.

It all starts with a conversation. If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, I would love to hear from you.

The Creative Process

Costa streamlines complex design processes to make choices simple.

Whether improving an existing brand or website or developing a new solution, Costa makes sure the design result is modern and developed with quality and care to last. So, how does it work?

1. Explore

Conducting deep-dive user and industry research to explore product or brand requirements that are aligned with the business goals to determine best practices.

2. Build

Creating mockups and wireframes to conceptualize the design solution, through a structure-based approach to build consistent visual vocabulary and smooth client feedback.

3. Improve

Embracing the detective process of rapid prototyping for testing and quick iterations to improve the final design outcome. 

Design solutions by a colouful mind

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Costa is remote,
and based in between Vancouver, Canada and Montevideo, Uruguay.