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Helping one of Canada’s fastest growing fintech companies serve their clients better.


Canada Drives is a rapidly growing fintech company that offers personal loans and financing services to improve credit ratings and match customers with automotive solutions. Customers apply through an online application to initiate their application and achieve approval.

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The Problem

  • How can we improve the user interface and application experience to reduce the drop rates of applicants? 
  • The company had to evolve their thinking and application of best practice in design and development. 
  • Upper management was resistant to seeing themselves as a premium service. 
  • No existing lifestyle imagery, premium brand assets, or brand guidelines.
  • The value of details and “pixel perfect” design was an educational process for the development team.

The To-Do List

  • Redesign the primary website and develop additional pages to serve B2B and B2C clientele. 
  • Help the company grow and reach more clients. 
  • Develop social media content with targeted content based on Facebook learnings and Google Analytics. 
  • Rapidly design and develop their online and mobile application process, working in an agile method to continuously design and implement to achieve high engagement. 
  • Elevate the Canada Drives brand and separate them from other fintech companies. 

The Solution

Canada Drives was looking to evolve all facets of their digital experience for the company, including their B2B and B2C services. I worked to redesign their principal website and establish a responsive design solution cross platform. Applying best practices and thorough industry research, I worked with my team to redesign their web and mobile application. Working closely with the Analytics teams, I looked to identify roadblocks that were causing drop-offs, and solve them. As part of this process, we constantly A/B tested and used heatmaps to innovate and push design solutions to optimize the website and application experience. 

Application UI/UX Design

Overview of Responsibilities

Costa streamlines complex design processes to make choices simple.
  • Sketchpad and Pencil
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Facebook and Google Analytics
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Website (UI/UX design, customer journey maping, wire-framing, mock-ups, annotations, content creation) 
  • CMS (component research and development, wire-framing)
  • Application (UI/UX design, wire-framing, mock-ups, annotations, content creation)
  • Insights Analyses and competitive research
  • Branding and brand guide development 
  • Photography curation and selection
  • Social Media post design and copy development
  • Banner ad design  
  • Illustrations design
  • Corporate print documents
  • Recruitment print pamphlets, trade show banners

Homepage Landing Design

Campaign Content

Logo Design Development

Logo Redesign Development

Logo Redesign Development

CMS Interface Development

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