Video Art Direction —

Short-form video, campaign, and creative art direction. 


For LBC Canada online campaign we worked to tell the story of how we learn from our mothers, but sometimes her tools are a thing of the past.

To do so a flexible short-form online video was developed that easily adapted for different social media platforms, formats, and languages. The client had lots of positive feedback to give at the launch of their new campaign.

¨Absolutely love the work you and the team have done on this! Very happy with the results!!¨ – Campaign Client 

15s Video

Overview of Responsibilities

What was involved in the design and development of this product demo video?
Final Product
  • 1 Day of Shooting
  • 30¨Online Video
  • 15¨Adaptation
  • 1 Youtube Bumper Video
  • 3 Creative Concepts
  • 2 Languages
Design & Development
  • Involvement from day one, working with the on-shore client to develop the big idea, storyboard, sketch, copywriting and pitching to the client and stakeholder for approval of creative concepts.

  • Working closely with a production house to guide casting, the completion of the Pre-Production Deck, the management of assets for digital adaptations, and the development of spin-off videos.

  • As well as, designing the key visuals, writing the video script,  and day-of shooting direction. 

6s Video Adaptation

15s Video Adaptation

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