Make Your Mark Campaign —

A new brand and marketing campaign for the University of British Columbia School of Kinesiology.


Make Your Mark (MYM), a student-led initiative, was developed to propose a new facility for the Kinesiology department at the University of British Columbia. Energized by the student’s ambition and the drive for a new holistic learning center, MYM was launched to develop a campaign and visual language to achieve this very goal.

The Problem

  • How can we bring student rights on campus and have their voices heard on matters pertaining to a new space and place to call home at UBC?
  • How can we create initiatives to get students involved, be informed, and spread the word to make this a reality?
  • What does a campaign look like that would lead to a successful referendum and approval of a new space for the School of Kinesiology?

The To-Do List

  • Story boarding and idea development
  • Develop marketing plan and campaign strategy
  • Logo and MYM branding
  • Develop digital media plan including video promotion, web presence, and social media campaigns 
  • Design promo swag and campaign visuals (posters, banners, wall and floor promotion)
  • Public Engagement (Homecoming, Kin is Coming Home, Voting Booth, and engagement pieces)
  • Execute a successful campaign for student referendum

The Solution

The impact of the campaign reaches far outside of the direct planning committee and Kinesiology Executive Leaders. The paramount success of this campaign was seen by the groundbreaking voter turnout for the referendum (47% turnout) with an 87% ‘yes’ vote. This was all due to the copious amounts of student leaders who took an initiative to get involved, be informed, and spread the word to make this a reality.

The students of KIN had their voices heard, and this was only the beginning. To the future students of Kinesiology, we hope you will continue to “make your mark, and make it loud”. 

Color Palette

Logo Design

Poster Design Samples

Social Media Post Samples

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Overview of Responsibilities

Costa with support of the University of British Columbia.
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Asana for Project and Task Management
  • Slack 
  • Group Scrum Meetings 
  • Hosting Student Lead Forums 
  • To design and development in phases in alignment with key stakeholders
  • Strategic planning for pivotal campaign dates and events
  • Collaborative working relationship with the Project Manager and Student Action Committee for alignment and proactive organization 
  • Conducting thorough research into UBC’s campaign history and historical student lead movements
  • Development of MYM visual language and branding
  • Photography curation and creative direction
  • Design and development of all marketing materials (Posters, Display Design, Voting Booth Design, Swag, Social Media, Illustrations, and Handouts)
  • Campaign documentation 

Engagement Installation

Engagement Installation

Voting Booth Design

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